5 Key Beliefs of Successful Writers

Life is busy and writing is hard, yet we have words to write and stories inside of us. So what do we do? Beyond learning the rules and craft of writing itself, these are several key writing beliefs that can help us succeed in our work. These mindsets can shape our attitude and approach to […]

A Writer’s Guide to Mythical Creatures Part 2

Last month we took a look at seven underappreciated mythical creatures to inform and inspire our writing. Beyond the classic dragon/unicorn/mermaid triad, there are countless other mythological beings, characters, and creatures to learn about. Unique and fantastic beasts can be found in the mythology of every culture and they’re a gold mine of inspiration for […]

Steps to Success Part 8: Editing

Ever stop reading something because of a spelling mistake? Find yourself twitching when someone misuses their/they’re/there? Shake your head over a typo? I have. This is why editing is important. The Importance of Editing Whether we plan to submit our work to an agent, self-publish, or take our work down a different path: editing is […]

Bethany’s Best, September Edition: Beta Readers, Gyros, and Stretching

Each month I take a moment to pause and share a few things I’ve found to be helpful and fun along the journey as a busy writer. I hope you find them to be enlightening and encouraging! Article Roundup: Beta Readers I recently wrote about the importance and value of working with beta readers. Getting […]

Creating Balance (not Busyness) in Writing and in Life

It’s too easy to be busy. We have meetings, commutes, chores, errands, classes, and bills to pay. We have families and coffee dates. And somewhere in there we should probably shower, eat, and sleep. Now these aren’t bad things. In fact, they’re important and good. (Please don’t give up showering! 😉 ) The problem is […]

Steps to Success Part 7: Beta Reading

Beta reading is the process of having other people look at our work and give critical feedback. I know, I know. I hate asking for help too. And who likes receiving criticism?  Unfortunately, the solitary writer who classily churns out novel after novel on their vintage typewriter completely on their own isn’t a practical model […]