The Art of Asking: How To Assert Ourselves as Artists

So. Asking for help is hard. Asking for anything is hard. I’m not particularly good at it, and you know what? I’m not alone. This fear of asking overflows into our work as writers. The writing process involves creating stories and asking people to read them, to review them, to love them. When we are […]

The Mind-Changing Power of Giving Thanks

Sometimes I catch myself being super negative, especially when I’m hungry or haven’t gotten enough sleep. It’s a dangerous, slippery slope because once I start being critical, suddenly I see fault in everything. Which is why it’s so powerful to practice thanksgiving. For a bit now I’ve been trying to regularly stop and take time […]

Bethany’s Best: Query Letters & More

Each month I take a moment to pause and share a few things I’ve found to be helpful and fun along the adventure of living and writing well. I hope you find them to be enlightening and encouraging! Article Roundup: Query Letters A query letter is like a cover letter for our novel that is sent to an agent. It […]

8 Secrets from Save The Cat! to Improve Our Stories

Lately I’ve been on a reading kick and Save the Cat! by Blake Snyder is definitely one of my favorite finds by far. Not only is this book extremely informative and practical but it’s just plain FUN to read. It’s definitely one I’ll want to keep on my bookshelf for regular rereads. Today we’re going […]