R is for Risky- Why We Need Risky Goals

Did you know that the “R” in SMART goals can sometimes be defined as “Risky?” To be honest, I wasn’t a big fan when I first heard this. I love goal setting and have used the SMART framework for inspiration for a while now. Making goals is great! Let’s all make good goals and work […]

Not Just Any Old Goals: Creating Goals That Work

It’s a fresh year my friends! That means new calendars and new chances. Did you set any New Year’s resolutions? I’m a huge sucker for goals- I love setting them, I love talking about them, I get way too excited and scare people away by asking them too many questions about their Goals and Dreams […]

Steps To Success Part 10: The Writing Cycle

The writing cycle is the ongoing journey every writer is on and what we’ve been looking at in this Steps To Success novel writing series. Last month we talked about publishing our writing, which can seem like the “finish line” of sorts. Some may say we’ve reached the end of the writing journey. But really […]

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Bethany’s Best, December Edition: Self-Publishing, Squash Soup, and Journaling

Each month I take a moment to pause and share a few things I’ve found to be helpful and fun along the journey as a busy writer. I hope you find them to be enlightening and encouraging! Article Roundup: Self-Publishing I recently wrote about various publishing options that we have as writers, and how different options […]

Writing Interrupted: 3 Reasons to Allow and Use Interruptions

It happens to all of us: we hear “Do you have a minute?” “Can you help with this?” or “What are you doing there?” Our writing gets interrupted. We have cats and small children climbing on top of our keyboards. Holiday events that are planned during our writing hours. There are things to do and […]

20 Unique, Fun, and Useful Gifts For Writers

Wondering what to put on your Christmas wish list? Not sure what to get for that special writer friend in your life? Today I’m here to make your job a little easier. I’ve spent plenty of time procrastinating online *hem* I mean giving this good thought, and I’ve collected some great gift ideas for writers. […]

Steps To Success Part 9: Publishing

So you’ve written your book. Good for you!! Cue fireworks! Celebrations! Accolades of all kinds! This is a huge deal, my friend. After all the excitement dies down, you may find yourself asking, “So… now what?” Just as there are many different writing styles and methods, there are many different options when it comes to […]